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Three Reasons People Are Moving in 2021


Perhaps your lifestyle has changed and you now work remotely? Maybe you have dreamt of living in the mountains, at the beach, in the city, suburbs, or country?

With all of the other factors present in today’s market, it could be the time for you to live the life you have wanted!


Whether you are single in a condo or have co-inhabitants in a house, we are finding people are moving in favor of more space. It may be more indoor space or more outdoor space, but after a year of masking and social distancing, Americans are craving more space.

It could be to continue to have a home office in dedicated space, not crammed in the corner. It could be outdoor space, so as to entertain outdoors with still some distance, to play games, have a fire, etc.


Atlanta is still growing as a city. People from cold weather climates are moving here since they can work remotely.

Although more apartments are being built, the rental rates continue to rise. And with low mortgage rates, buyers can secure a monthly payment at or below what they are paying in rent. And, they then open the door of building equity from the home purchase.